Classic Stone

Classic Stone Designs feature a wide range of elegant planters and water features that were originally designed by Tim Lewis. Each piece is manufactured from a reconstituted stone material and is handcrafted to achieve a high quality finish.
Original forms are formed from plaster and wood. Moulds are taken and these are used to produce each piece. The reconstituted stone medium is placed into the moulds and then reinforced with a high strength fibre cement material. Later, each item is treated to create a finish that is unique to the individual product. As with any natural material, there are subtle variations in the surface texture and colour, enhancing the range’s handcrafted yet sophisticated appeal.

The manufacturing process allows each piece to have the appearance of natural stone as well as exceptional strength, without the disadvantage of excessive weight. The reconstituted stone forms the actual product and as it is not just a surface finish or a painted effect; the material will not wear, chip or flake off with exposure to the elements. Each piece will weather with time. Crazing or hairline cracking are part of this natural process; it is a surface phenomenon and does not affect the reinforcing material.

All our planters are internally waterproofed to reduce water penetration and consequent surface mineral staining. They all have drainage holes.

Classic Stone Designs are manufactured in Cape Town and distributed countrywide and internationally.
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